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Hair Transplant Toronto is a nationally recognized hair transplant clinic in Toronto Canada, staffed by the finest board certified doctors in the country. Hair Transplant Toronto strives to help men & women suffering from baldness feel good about their appearance again by providing them with totally natural looking hair transplants. Hair Transplant Toronto has the surgical expertise & the artistry required to create a natural looking head of hair. Hair transplant surgery in Toronto Canada involves moving healthy hairs from the donor area of the scalp to areas where the hair is lost. The hair transplant surgeons in Toronto Canada use the most modern state-of-the-art techniques, resulting in the best possible result. Hair transplants in Toronto is the only method that gives you your own hair growing naturally & permanently. There are medications on the market that combat baldness, but they must be used regularly for life & involve considerable expense. Hair Transplants Toronto offers a far superior alternative.

The Hair Transplant Centre Toronto is a thoroughly modern private facility. The hair transplant surgeons in Toronto Canada operate here in our state-of-the-art surgical suites. Surgery times at the Hair Transplant Centre Toronto vary from person to person depending on the quantity of grafts required to meet patient expectations. Typically the hair transplant doctor in Toronto Canada will take from 3-8 hours for the procedure.
During your first Hair Transplant Toronto consultation, the doctor should examine your head thoroughly & take a detailed medical history. Your Hair Transplant Toronto consultation will include measuring your hair density. This will allow your Hair Transplant Toronto doctor to properly evaluate the number of hairs in each of your naturally occurring follicular units & the hair loss pattern you may experience over time. Hair Transplant Toronto will provide you with your hair transplant design in writing & an estimated timeline for your procedures. Your Hair Transplant Toronto doctor will explain the procedure in detail, including potential risks, & inform you what you can expect in the months to come.

Most men will develop male pattern baldness until approximately 40-45 years of age. The hair transplant doctor in Toronto Canada can begin restoration at this stage. After that, the aging process thins the entire head of hair & the Hair Transplant Clinic in Toronto Canada will have to perform more procedures to compensate. The modern techniques at Hair Transplants Toronto allow for the transplanting of a larger number of grafts than previously. Hair Transplant Toronto surgery has improved dramatically over the last 10 years. The hair transplant doctor in Toronto Canada used to use the plugs & corn rows procedure. The accepted method at Hair Transplant Toronto is single hair, micro hair, & mini hair grafting. The Hair Transplant Clinic in Toronto Canada can now create a natural hair appearance that is very pleasing to the patients.

Hair Transplants Toronto performs an operation, which takes hair from the back of the head & moves it to the area of hair loss. Hair Transplants Toronto uses the fringe of hair on a balding scalp as donor dominant hair. This hair is used by Hair Transplant Toronto because it will continue to grow. Donor dominance is what makes Hair Transplants Toronto successful. Candidates for Hair Transplant Toronto are those individuals with hair loss that have sufficient donor hair from the fringe of the scalp to transplant to the balding area. In the past, many bald patients were not suitable candidates for a hair transplant, but the modern techniques at Hair Transplant Toronto have advanced the art of hair restoration surgery so that many more men are candidates. For your procedure at Hair Transplant Toronto, you donate your own hair. The sides & backs that retain hair are the donor sites for Hair Transplant Toronto.

Prior to your Hair Transplant Toronto procedure you will be given specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery. Hair Transplant Toronto suggests that you stop smoking at least one week prior to surgery in order to heal properly. Hair Transplant Toronto will also advise you on taking & avoiding certain vitamins & medications. Preliminary blood tests will be taken by Hair Transplant Toronto. Wash your hair the evening before your Hair Transplant Toronto surgery & don't bother to get your hair cut.
Hair Transplants Toronto involves single hair-grafts because they have the finest & softest appearance. They provide the critical soft hairline for Hair Transplant Toronto that is the transition to thicker hair. The side-effects of Hair Transplant Toronto surgery are relatively minor. After Hair Transplant Toronto surgery you may experience mild pain & discomfort, swelling, & the formation of scabs over the grafts. One week post Hair Transplant Toronto surgery, you should be feeling just fine.

The number of Hair Transplant Toronto procedures required depends upon the extent of your hair loss, the projected hair loss rate, & the amount of donor hair available. Men can achieve the results they're looking for in just one or two Hair Transplant Toronto sessions in which thousands of hairs are transplanted in follicular units of one to four hairs each. Women need more Hair Transplant Toronto sessions to achieve proper density. These Hair Transplant Toronto sessions can last between five & ten hours each. Future Hair Transplant Toronto sessions can follow if necessary.
The cost of a Hair Transplant Toronto procedure depends on the number of grafts & sessions required. The investment in a Hair Transplant Toronto procedure is well worth it knowing that you will have your own growing, permanent hair. Hair Transplant Toronto is more cost-effective than non-surgical forms of hair replacement. Call or visit Hair Transplant Toronto for your consultation.

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