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Land based Wedding Venues:

Selecting the right wedding venue can be the most difficult aspect of planning a wedding. There are so many wedding venues to choose from, how can you find the perfect location? Start by doing some research online. It will save you an enormous amount of time and energy. We have provided a few links to wedding venues in Toronto to start you off on your journey.

When considering wedding venues, ask yourself the following:

  • How many guests are you planning to invite?
  • What is your budget?
  • When are you planning to get married?
  • Do you prefer the ceremony and reception in one location or are you in search of a separate wedding reception venue?
  • Are you interested in outdoor wedding venues?
  • Have you considered unique wedding venues such as art galleries, museums, and interesting event spaces?


Wedding Venues - Commodores at Toronto Harbour
Commodores Room at the Radisson
Overlooking the lake, Toronto Harbour
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Wedding Venues - Marriott Bloor Yorkville 
Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel
Downtown Toronto
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Wedding Venues - Rosewater Club
Rosewater Supper Club
Downtown Toronto
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Wedding Venues - Toula at Toronto Harbour
Toula restaurant at the top of the Westin
Overlooking the lake,  Toronto Harbour
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The size of the wedding venue is one of the most important factors to consider. It must be large enough to accommodate your guests, but it should not be too large or it will appear cold and cavernous. There are so many magnificent wedding venues in Toronto that you will have ample choice, regardless of your budget. The season that you choose to get married will also dictate where you can get married. For obvious reasons an outdoor wedding venue in Toronto will only be feasible in warm weather months. If you do choose to get married outdoors, it is always advisable to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Or choose a location like Casa Loma that offers the ability to have your wedding indoors and outdoors. Consider interesting, non-traditional wedding venues. Many beautiful options await you.